Issue 8February 2021

Governor elections coming soon!

Our Trust, like all Foundation Trusts, has a Council of Governors (CoG) and its two main functions are:

1)  To hold the non-executive directors individually and collectively to account for the performance of the board of directors and

2)  To represent the interests of trust members and of the public

The CoG is an important link for the Trust with its local community. This is a fundamental part of being a Foundation Trust, helping us to be more responsive to local needs.

Being a governor is about helping us to find out what people think about our services and how they could be improved and helping us to tell people about the challenges we face and gaining their help and support in meeting them. Governors are volunteers, and are not paid, although we do reimburse travel expenses.

The CoG is made up of governors elected from our public membership community and our staff groups and we also have appointed governors from our partner organisations such as Huddersfield University and the two Local Authorities in Halifax and Huddersfield.

Each year we hold elections to fill vacancies on our CoG.  2021 will be a bumper year as we will be holding elections for 12 of our public seats and 4 of our staff seats.

Elections will be taking place across all of our public constituencies: 

Skircoat & Lower Calder Valley                         South Huddersfield

North Kirklees                                                      Lindley & the Valleys

East Halifax & Bradford (2 vacancies)               Calder & Ryburn Valleys (2 vacancies)

North & Central Halifax (2 vacancies)                Huddersfield Central (2 vacancies)

We are aiming to broaden the diversity of our CoG to represent the diverse communities we serve and are particularly looking for governors from ethnic minority groups, younger age groups, people with a disability and people who are LGBTQ+.

We're in the early stages of the elections process but if you are interested please contact Vanessa Henderson, our Membership and Engagement Manager.  She can give you more information about the role and log your interest so that when the elections are announced in the next couple of months we can get back in touch.  Call Vanessa on 01484 347342 or email her at

Vanessa would also be able to put you in touch with one of our existing governors to have an informal chat about the role.

You can find more details about the CoG on our website – please click here

Read below what being a governor means to Lynn Moore, one of our existing governors who’s coming to the end of her time with the Trust.

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Vanessa Henderson is our Membership and Engagement manager.

Contact her on 01484 347342 or email her at
This newsletter has been compiled jointly by the Membership Office and the Trust’s Communications team.