Issue 7September 2020

Safe Surgery during Pandemic Peak

Surgeon Alison Waterworth has continued to operate on CHFT patients with breast cancer during the pandemic and her experiences are supporting surgeons across the world to continue operating.

In collaboration with Leeds, York and Bradford a paper has been published called “Breast Cancer Surgery During the COVID-19 Pandemic Peak in the UK: Operative Outcomes.”

Alison, says: “The findings of this study showed that Breast Cancer surgery could be carried out safely during the COVID 19 Pandemic peak, with no increased risk to patients or healthcare workers. I did this study as I wanted to continue to operate on patients with breast cancer without delaying their surgery and to have the scientific data to be able to reassure them.

Patients from across West Yorkshire have therefore contributed to the International understanding of breast cancer treatment in a pandemic, providing worldwide reassurance to other Surgical Units and patients across the globe.

I am proud to be involved in this study. COVID-19 caused swift and significant changes to the way we all worked. To be able to prove we were able to continue to treat our breast cancer patients safely during this time represents a major achievement by every member of the breast cancer team working together.”

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