Issue 7September 2020

It's a Homebirth baby boom! And a Top 10 for detection rates!

Meet CHFT's new Homebirth Team!  They’ve been working hard to support women who have chosen to give birth at home.

Since April they’ve supported 56 women, with 47 home births, dedicating 298 hours of 1-2-1 care. That’s the highest rate in Trust history!

They are a group of nine midwives all passionate about homebirth: Kelly Brennan, Aimee Leighton Miles, Anne Ward, Megan Plant, Debbie Coward, Rosie Hoggart (our very own staff governor), Bailey Warner, Grace Talbot and Caroline Swindells (Midwifery Support Worker). 

We’re also in the UK Top 10: The Perinatal Institute has said our detection rates for babies who are smaller than the norm for the number of weeks of pregnancy (known as SGA) are so good they’re in the UK Top 10. The Institute wrote to our Head of Midwifery, Joyce Ayre, saying: “These past few months have been the most difficult that the NHS has ever had to face, we thank you for continuing to keep mothers and babies safe during this time and surpassing with excellent detection rates.” Joyce said: “The team should be proud! Lots of hard work continues to support the reduction of stillbirths and fundal height measurement is very much part of the detection of potential problems.”

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