Issue 7September 2020

Challenges ahead

As a Trust we are well aware that many of you will be wondering when things will get “back to normal” – particularly if you or a loved one are waiting for an outpatient appointment or a date for surgery. Please be assured that colleagues at CHFT, like at every other Trust, are working extremely hard to get things back on track.  

To summarise the work that is going on:

Doctors and nurses are reviewing every patient’s case and prioritising those in greatest need of clinical care. 

The Trust is working closely with our GPs to restart appointments and treatments in the safest way possible for both patients and staff.

The threat of COVID-19 is still present in our communities and the Trust is making sure it is ready for any future surges, which may impact on the delivery of patient treatment.

Colleagues are also preparing for winter which is traditionally the period in which the NHS is under pressure with the seasonal peak of the winter vomiting bug, norovirus, and flu. Our absolute priority is to keep patients and staff safe. To do this, the way we provide your healthcare has changed and requires us to work with new processes that take longer than before the pandemic. This includes the use of personal protective equipment, laying out new access routes and locations, creating spaces and timings between appointments, ensuring social distancing is observed, ensuring appropriate cleaning is taking place between each patient, and that there is separation between patients who have, or are suspected of having Covid-19, and those who have tested negative.

You can help get things back on an even keel by adhering to the social distancing rules, coming in for appointments alone where at all possible and always wearing face coverings while you are inside buildings and on our sites.  Please also use the hand sanitisers on arrival and as you leave.

We know we have challenges to face, so please bear with us and continue to support us through the tough times ahead!

Why not attend our virtual AGM on Wednesday 7 October where you can hear more about what's next for CHFT?  Click here to register.

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