Issue 6June 2020

What an achievement!

Three CHFT colleagues, Anu Rajgopal, Nas Rehman and Richard Hinchliffe represented CHFT at the Zoom Examiner Community awards last Thursday evening. 

We scooped the top Achievement Award - the last of the night - and host ITV newscaster Nina Hossain, said about all our 6,000+ colleagues, “You deserve more than this.  Everything you have done is a lasting legacy of the NHS.  It has been incredible and fantastic work in the face of the biggest challenge for the NHS.”

Our trio said colleagues had come together to achieve great things despite at times being anxious and fearful.

All agreed they were proud to be part of a great team yet also warned, “It’s not over yet and we don’t know what’s in store. It is really a team effort.”

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