Issue 6June 2020

Still smiling - our governors in lockdown


We asked two of our governors how lockdown has been for them.  Here's what Rosie Hoggart, staff governor for the Nurses/Midwives group (left in the photo) and Jude Goddard, publicly elected governor for Calder and Ryburn Valleys told us:

Sum up how you are feeling after 3 months of lockdown

Rosie: I am feeling quite tired as work has been very busy. I am impressed with my colleagues across the Trust and I'm grateful to the public for their very clear support of the NHS. I am feeling quite sad at the national number of deaths related to COVID-19 but I am hopeful for what the next few months will bring.

Jude: I wish the government would make it longer; the virus has not gone away. I’m concerned our NHS is tired! But I’m so proud of my local Trust and I am inspired to think that we can work differently rather than travelling always to meet people and hold events.

What’s been the worst aspect of lockdown for you?

Rosie: My husband and I missed my brother in law's wedding in North Carolina. Obviously this was incredibly sad for all involved but we managed to celebrate in style at home by pushing the furniture back to create a dance floor and raised a glass to the happy couple. Also, I just want to hug my niece and nephews.

Jude: To be honest, I have loved all of it – I think I am a lighthouse keeper at heart! I’m a bit of an introvert so lockdown I think has served me well. I could cope with another year or two......

Have there been any surprising pluses/benefits?

Rosie: We bought our first house so having some space from social activities to get that sorted and make it our own has been wonderful! Work-wise, the homebirth team has seen a HUGE increase in their homebirth numbers - we know from evidence home is the safest place for women and their babies in a low risk pregnancy and it has been wonderful to be a part of this new team and we're so proud to see it booming.

Jude: I have learned more about using digital platforms and have gained confidence in using that kind of technology - I am a "Zoom/Teams” convert! Have got into cooking and cleaning my house which is a first!

Are you doing anything new as part of your daily routine?

Rosie: My daily routine has mainly stayed the same as I’m still working as a community midwife. It is hard to have a routine when you're working shifts but my husband still brings me a coffee every morning which I hope never changes!

Jude: I have gone back to some training from one of my previous careers as a psychotherapist. It’s a great way to gain perspective. I have an interest in transactional analysis and never stop learning.

It’s been a roller-coaster for everyone. What has cheered you up when it’s been a tough day?

Rosie: My guilty pleasure is loud rock music and space to just jump around to let off some steam. I've also found that digging up my new garden and redesigning it so we have a nice lawn and patio area has also been very therapeutic - and a good workout!

Jude: I walk every day and have gone a bit geeky on the poems of Percy Bysshe Shelley. My cats always cheer me up, as does hearing the news of other people doing amazing - and sometimes just quite ordinary - things.

What are you most looking forward to when it’s "all over"?

Rosie: I am just really looking forward to seeing my family - my sisters, my parents, my brothers-in-law - and I can't wait for us to have a get together in our traditional way at my parents’ house and to let our hair down together over a game of cards, an Indian takeaway and a tipple or two.

Jude: Travelling, holidays and adventures...however I am not sure what “all over” will look like and I feel we are all in it for the long haul.

Finally, a bit of a personal one - have you put on any weight during lockdown?

Rosie: I have put on enough weight to have to buy new work trousers as I physically cannot zip up the ones issued to me 2 years ago! Thank you to the uniform department who I'm sure are working very hard in these unprecedented times

Jude:  You know I probably have, but it’s hard to tell as I have not put my work clothes on for three months! 

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