Issue 6June 2020

Celebrating diversity at CHFT

At CHFT we have a well-established BAME (Black Asian and Minority Ethnic) network for colleagues.  Amongst other things, the network helps to raise awareness of cultural diversities across CHFT.

Members of the network have been able to continue to meet virtually using Microsoft Teams during the COVID-19 pandemic (see top photo). This has been really important for them due to the concerns that the BAME community is at an increased risk from COVID-19. As a Trust we are doing everything we can to support our BAME colleagues at this worrying time.

The network has been looking at our local population, colleague absence and COVID-19 testing, to identify any patterns or any disproportionately affected groups in terms of gender, age, ethnicity or other demographic. This work has been helpful in determining which groups are at an increased risk of contracting the virus.

The network's most recent meeting focused on the Black Lives Matter demonstrations and colleagues talked about the impact on them. There was also an update on the antibody testing programme and a reminder that the wearing of PPE and social distancing guidelines are vitally important to keep everyone safe across CHFT.

The network were also involved when CHFT celebrated National Windrush Commemoration Day on Monday 22 June.  Sarah Bryant, one of our Health Care Assistants, did the honours and raised the Windrush flag over HRI and said it was a “wonderful” moment (see photo). There were also mini flags around the main entrance at CRH.

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