Issue 5April 2020

Caring for each other as we care for our patients

At CHFT we recognise that colleagues are working flat-out to deal with the crisis and we're doing everything we can to support them.

We issue daily 10am e-mail bulletins and have set up a number of initiatives with colleagues' wellbeing in mind.

We've arranged for colleagues to have access to 1-to-1 emotional and psychological support if they need it, we've set up mindfulness videos and sessions and counselling support. We are providing a quiet space at CRH to give our colleagues an opportunity for relaxation. The Chaplaincy service is available to provide support and pastoral care via telephone and videophone. Colleagues can also take advantage of some free mindfulness apps to help with stress, anxiety and sleep issues.

Leadership walk-rounds are now taking place daily, to support clinical colleagues and give them the opportunity to share any concerns or ideas they may have. The walk-rounds allow managers to resolve issues quickly.

By caring for each other the way we care for our patients, we will get through this.

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