Issue 4February 2020

How technology is helping us to care for you.

Our Trust is currently one of the most advanced in the country in terms of using technology to support healthcare.

We converted to Electronic Patient Records (EPR) in 2017 - replacing old-style paper folders - and since then have introduced digital solutions in many areas of the Trust.

One of the latest developments is the introduction of technology, called Community View, through which GPs can access our information in real time and we can access theirs. This enables us to share information and provide more joined-up care with GP colleagues. It also means our patients and their families don't have to keep repeating their personal details and medical information over and over again along their care pathway.

The photo shows GP Dinesh Kumar from the Plane Trees Group Practice in Halifax using Community View with his patient. 

Other innovations here - and there are many - include:

Digital ECGs - heart tracing results now feed instantly into EPR so doctors can assess them more quickly - and even from another site - and provide diagnoses more quickly for our patients. 

K2 Online Maternity notes - this is a secure, electronic notes system which can be accessed by mums-to-be and post-natal mums so they can see their own records from the start to the end of their pregnancy.  

Bloodtrack - for transfusion patients. This is a hi-tech system based on barcodes which ensures the very safest care for our patients with every step of the way tracked. 

Wearable technology for Digital Daycase Knee - after a knee replacement our patients can be discharged home (some on the same day) and fitted with electronic tabs which measure flexibility and feed back information so our physios and doctors can support the patient's ongoing rehabilitation in their own home.

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