Issue 4February 2020

Governors/members update

A few words from our Lead Governor

Stephen Baines was elected as our Lead Governor in December 2019.  Stephen is one of two governors for Skircoat and Lower Calder Valley and he is in his fourth year as a governor. 

Stephen says: "As governors, we are unpaid volunteers whose main task is to ensure the Non Executive Directors give robust challenge to the Chief Executive and Directors of the Trust.  We also monitor the financial state of the Trust, performance and strategy.  We also receive information on complaints but I feel very strongly that to balance this we should also take account of the many, many messages of thanks from our patients and I know the Trust is taking steps to start to record these.

"We also have a responsibility to have meaningful two-way engagement with the Trust's local communities and under our recently-revised Membership and Engagement Strategy*, we will be looking for more opportunities to get out and about to engage with members and members of the public. You may be able to help us with this by providing details of organisations, groups, committees etc with which you have links - if so, please contact our Membership and Engagement Manager, Vanessa, on 01484 347342, or by e-mail at

"We will also be focussing on increasing member representation from our local Asian population, males and young people.  

"You'll have read that we have governor elections coming up in a number of our public constituencies - you may wish to play a more active part by standing for election yourself.  I would definitely recommend it, as a very rewarding and worthwhile role!"

* Click here to see our Membership and Engagement Strategy for 2020-2023.

New governors

We welcomed the following newly-elected governors onto our Council of Governors in July 2019:

  • John Gledhill (public - Lindley and the Valleys)
  • Chris Owen (public - South Huddersfield)
  • Sally Robertshaw (staff - Allied Healthcare Professionals)
  • Rosie Hoggart (staff - Nurses/Midwives)

Lesley Warner also became the appointed governor from Kirklees Local Authority in 2019.  The pic left shows the new governors on one of their induction days - on the roof of HRI as part of their tour of the site!

Governors getting involved

Governors get updates about new developments, performance and staffing levels, quality initiatives and finances within each of our clinical divisions, at Divisional Reference Group meetings which take place three times per year.  Before each meeting governors get to visit one of the division's areas and in November 2019 governors visited the Community Healthcare Division's Support and Independence Team; the Surgical Division's Ward 11 at HRI; the Medical Division's Frailty Team and also, the Trust's Simulation Suite where clinical staff receive training on mannequins that can simulate human behaviour (see pic top right).

Our governors and members get involved in a variety of activities including the annual PLACE inspections. PLACE stands for Patient Led Assessment of the Care Environment and these in-depth inspections - which include tasting patient food - take place over a gruelling two days on both of the hospital sites.  The pic bottom right shows some of our governors and members carrying out the inspections in October 2019.

Don't forget - if you're interested in joining the CoG, see the article above for more details.


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Stephen Baines
Stephen Baines

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Vanessa Henderson is our Membership and Engagement manager.

Contact her on 01484 347342 or email her at
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