Issue 4February 2020

Alison opens new unit for our frailty patients.

A new Same Day Emergency Care (SDEC) Unit has been opened at HRI for our frailty patients.

Renee Comerford, Nurse Consultant for Older People and Head of the Acute Frailty Service, told us: "This unit will provide a multi-disciplinary response as soon as a patient presents in SDEC.

"It will enhance the frail patient's journey through the hospital and stops them having to go through the busy Emergency Department."

Patients are triaged into SDEC after being identified as frail and having the potential to be discharged home the same day.

The unit will provide a quieter and calmer environment where patients will be seen by the Multi-disciplinary Team as soon as they arrive, and a comprehensive assessment will begin. 

This assessment will review not only what the patient has presented with, but also their long-term medical conditions, social, mobility and mental health needs and activities of daily living at home.  

The needs of carers are also assessed to try to relieve the strain on them, recognising the importance of their wellbeing.

Renee added: "This is an exciting opportunity to help patients receive the care they need where they live, not in hospital, and to ensure they have the right support in place at home for them and their carers."

One of our governors, Alison Schofield, was invited to cut the ribbon at the opening of the unit (see picture).  Alison said: "As a frail patient who has accessed CHFT hospital services before and now with the Frailty Service who promote independence and quality of life ensuring that care needs are met in line with patients' and their families' wishes, I have witnessed the difference their work makes, enabling people to live in their communities longer and making sure they feel supported at the most vulnerable time in their lives. It is my honour to open and support the Frailty Service as they look forward and continue improving lives.”

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