Issue 3July 2019

New Acute Floor at HRI joins one at CRH

We've set up a single acute floor at HRI, following the success of the work at CRH.

Colleagues in Medicine and Surgery worked together to create the floor on wards 8 and 9 and already we've seen improvements in patient care. The set up has also helped us to cope with the winter flow issues earlier in the year.

It is a replication of the acute floor at CRH which celebrated its first birthday recently.  The unit is renowned for its high morale and low levels of sickness and vacancies, as it is such a popular place to work.

At HRI it is a linear ward as opposed to an L-shaped set-up, and staff have adapted to the new environment well. Patients are admitted to the ward via the Emergency Department or directly from GPs and they are quickly clinically assessed to decide the next place of treatment for them.

The acute floor has been such a success that there are now plans for a possible joint ambulatory unit for Surgical and Medical patients.

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